Corà wood gabon, born in 2001 after the privatization of the former compagnie forestiere du Gabon, is today one of the most important companies in the forestry and wood processing sector in Gabon. Cwg want to be a long term partner for its valued customers, willing to find consistence in their supply chain, control over the raw material, respect of laws, rules and sustainability principles, quality in the products and in the services provided, as part of the most important group in the wood sector in Italy: the Corà group

m2 yards
Hectares of forest concession
m2 warehouses

All the forestry permits are managed totally respecting the new legislation of the Gabonese government for sustainable forest management, supported by environmental, social and economic impact studies on the harvesting, cutting and transporting of timber in the local area.

As well as the production of rotary cut veneer and plywood panels, there is the sawmill, the natural partner to fully optimizing the raw material and completing CWG’s sales range. The wood species used for log, sawn and semi-finished production are Okoumè, Bahia, Movingui, Iroko and other tropical hardwoods.

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