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Oak engineered veneer reproduces one of the most widespread wood species and is used, other than in furniture manufacturing, aalso in building (interior doors) and in boat-building. Because of its wide use, we offer, on immediate delivery, our many variations in colour: bleached, grey, Weng? tone (or dark oak) and different structures – flamed and veined.

Oak is a wood typical of Western and Central-Southern Europe. In Italy, it is a typical mountain species. The natural wood of oak is highly valued and is therefore used also in parquet and in the manufacturing of staves for vats for the ageing of wines and other alcoholic beverages.

Photo and colours of samples give approximate idea.

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Thickness (mm) x Width (mm) x Length (mm)

Typology: lined

0.6 x 2500 x 630

0.6 x?3100/3200?x 630